Finance Your Childcare Center – 4 Options

finance your childcare center

Four Options To Finance Your Childcare Center

When it is time to finance your childcare center business, there are four options available to a small business owner. The nature of the childcare center business requires you to have enough working capital to have the right locale, supplies, certification and skilled staff to provide your customers and their children the type of safety and care they expect. Among the many challenges you normally face is the investment in the locale, the training of staff, certification compliance, and the marketing activities to attract new clientele.

Here are four options, with their pros and cons, on how to finance your childcare center growth:

finance you childcare center - SBA-Loan-Option

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan

The Small Business Administration (SBA – Federal Government) provides a guarantee to banks and lenders for the money they lend to small business owners. An SBA loan is a commercial loan through a bank or authorized SBA lender network, structured according to SBA requirements with an SBA guarantee. An SBA loan reduces the risk associated with lending to small business owners who may not qualify for a traditional loan. This allows for an expanded source of funding for entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses, minorities and veterans.

Since the SBA provides a partial guarantee of up to 85% of the loan amount, this network of approved lenders will approve loans to small businesses that ordinarily would be considered “too risky” otherwise. For a small business that is unable to qualify for an SBA loan, any other financing options will normally be more costly, with less favorable terms and collateral requirements. Note that your childcare center CANNOT operate as a non-profit business to qualify for an SBA loan.

But there is always a price for dealing with the Federal Government. The SBA loan application process is restrictive, thorough and long (up to 3 months, after full documentation submitted). You will need to invest significant time and patience to get an SBA loan approved for your beauty hair salon business.

Pros: Least expensive, long fixed rate payment terms.

Cons: Extensive paperwork, long evaluation process, restrictions to qualify, non-profit only business.

US Department Of Health And Human Services (HHS) Grant

The US Department of Health and Human Services administers financial grants to businesses and individuals to provide child care services for low-income family members who work, train for work, attend school, or whose children receive or need to receive protective services. The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) provides the funds that are allocated to 17 States and Territories that are distributed as certificates, grants or contracts. Child care programs that participate must comply with State health and safety requirements.

Here is a general guide to how you can determine whether funding exists in your state, what are the qualifications, procedures and documentation needed to apply for a child care grant.

But there is always a price for dealing with the Federal Government. If you do not have prior experience writing a Grant Request, it is recommended that you investigate that as well.

Pros: Least expensive.

Cons: Extensive paperwork, long evaluation process, restrictions to qualify, availability of funds.

Finance Your Childcare Center - traditional-lender-financing

Traditional Financial Institution Lending

Banks are where the money is, supposedly. Years ago, a small business on Main Street like your childcare center, was welcomed at traditional banks as a potential client for a small business loan. Not anymore. After the the “financial crisis” of 2008, traditional banks small business lending guidelines became more strict in their criteria for approval. Why? In an uncertain US economy, small businesses represent greater financial risk versus other financial investment opportunities available to a traditional bank. Remember banks are in the business of making money, not losing it on potentially risky small businesses.

For a secured small business loan, a traditional bank requires that your childcare center business has a minimum of two years in operation, be profitable, has good business and owner credit history, plus a business asset (e.g., property) to serve as collateral guarantee. The loan evaluation process will time consuming (30 days) and detailed requiring bank statements, multi-year financial reports, future sales projections, business asset market evaluation and business and personal credit reports.

Assuming your childcare center business is approved for the secured small business loan, funds are usually available 30 days later, with interest rates higher and payment terms shorter than an SBA loan. Why? The small business loan does not have a guarantee of payment by the SBA, so the risks are higher for the traditional bank. Hence more expensive for you to get additional capital. If your childcare center business needs the funding in less than 60 days, this is not a viable option for you.

As a result, to finance your childcare center business may be difficult to qualify for a small business commercial loan due to its limited business history, insufficient revenue, profitability, limited collateral or credit history.

Pros: Medium expensive, long fixed rate payment terms.

Cons: Extensive paperwork, long evaluation process, difficult to qualify.

Alternative Financial Lending

As previously mentioned, traditional bank small business financing has declined significantly during the last ten years. To fill this gap, alternative financial lending has evolved to provide the needed small business financial capital. Alternative financial lenders offer a variety of specialized financial solutions to finance your childcare center business when the previous options are not available or don’t fit the funding needs of the small business.

Alternative financial lenders offer two basic financial products to small businesses: small business loans (both secured and unsecured) and Merchant Cash Advance.

For the small business seeking additional capital, the financing process requires less paperwork, the evaluation process is shorter with less focus on credit history, with approval and funding in less than a week. The costs for the capital are higher and the payment terms shorter then the previous financing options mentioned. Why? Again, higher risk to the financial lender.

Pros: Simplified, short evaluation process, easy to qualify, rapid access to funding.

Cons: Higher cost, shorter payment terms.

finance your beauty salon business - conclusion

Finance Your Childcare Center Business – Conclusion

Four options to finance your childcare center business are presented. An SBA loan is one of the most attractive financing options available to a small business owner operating FOR PROFIT, but is time consuming and difficult to qualify. An HHS grant is the least expense, but only available for non-profit businesses, with a lengthy grant approval process. A traditional bank small business loan is easier to qualify, but at higher cost and less favorable terms versus the SBA loan. An alternative financial lender small business loan or Merchant Cash Advance is the easiest to qualify for, but with higher costs and less favorable terms than the other financial options. Each financial solution may fit your business depending upon your specific needs.

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