Flexible Funding Program

We understand the need for small business owners to have access to capital when traditional funding options are not available. Our Flexible Funding program provides capital using unsecured personal credit (unsecured credit cards) with 0% APR for the first year, with no upfront charge.

This type of non-traditional business financing is short-term, from 12 to 18 months duration. Some examples of business use include:

    Equipment financing and inventory stocking
    Location remodeling and expansion
    Hiring new employees and training
    Advertisement and marketing campaigns
    Debt consolidation and seasonal cash flow changes

Benefits of the Flexible Funding Program

Easy Access – Once the unsecured credit cards are approved, you can access the credit or convert to cash (cash advance) the funds you need for your business, at the very moment you need it.

Flexibility – Experience the flexibility of attaining different amounts of capital, at different times, and for different purposes.

Transparency – There is no upfront costs. You will only be charged if you are approved for the funding. There is no additional or hidden fees on the available capital. As with any credit instrument you will be required to make minimum payments, typically three percent of the outstanding balance.

No Restrictions – There is no set payment schedule. You may take as long as you require. Utilize the funds for virtually any business or personal need with no restrictions. Effectively manage your expenses, advertise or expand to new locations; the possibilities are endless.

Before You Apply Ask Yourself

What – is your business going to fund (goal) with the unsecured credit line?

How Much – does your business need to accomplish that goal?

How Long – will your business need to take to pay off the unsecured credit back?

Flexible Funding Requirements

Personal Credit Score – A FICO of 700 credit score or higher. If needed, we can work with you to achieve a higher credit score.

Flexible Funding Documents Required

    Government issued photo ID (Driver´s License).
    Current credit reports from 3 major credit bureaus.

Why Choose Nexus Financial Services?

Whether your business needs new equipment, additional inventory, more personnel, room to expand or an acquisition opportunity you don’t want to miss, we can help you obtain the financing your business needs to make it happen. Our small business loans are designed to help you start your business, manage the challenges as you build your business, or support you through the seasonal slow times of your industry.

At Nexus Financial Services, we provide a variety of financial options for small businesses. We are there for you when you need to make fast investments to take advantage of available business opportunities. Our small business loans can be approved within a couple of days versus the weeks or months of a traditional lending institution. Because we have the experience and understanding of small business needs, we also offer some of the best small business loans and financing solutions available that result in the success of our clients.