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Satellite Cable Internet Media Overview

Have you been disconnected from you satellite, cable, internet media service? Perhaps you just moved in and need new services? Well, you’ve come to the right place and we can help!

STOP throwing your hard earned money away for Satellite, Cable TV, Internet & Home phone services. Basically you know you’re paying too much. Instead we offer you super economical bundle packages.

We get you connected quickly. There are NO credit checks, NO contracts and NO deposits. So, we can get you approved really fast!!

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Satellite Cable Internet Media Bundle Packages

We are an Authorized Dealer for all the major providers across the U.S. and we can get your service installed ASAP at a HUGE discount. Also we have triple play bundle packages available to get you even more savings.

Choose between DirecTV, DISH Network, Charter Spectrum, Time Warner, Brighthouse Cable, WOW Cable, CenturyLink, MediaCOM, COX Cable, Internet or home phone service installed in your home.

To make things even easier, there is NO deposit, NO credit check and NO contract. Basically you will save tons of $$$, starting as low as $29.99 per month.

We get you APPROVED where others can’t. Plus installation in 24-48 hours!

DirecTV | AT&T

  • DirecTV with Hughes Internet & Home phone – $150
  • DirecTV with Hughes Internet Only – $130
  • DirecTV Only – $100
  • Hughes Internet Only – $40
  • Hughes Internet + Home Phone – $50

Frontier | Dish Network

  • Frontier Triple Play – Prime Cable TV, Internet & Home phone = $150.00
  • Frontier Internet, Home Phone bundled w/ Dish Network = $140.00
  • Frontier Internet Bundled w/Dish Network = $125.00
  • Dish Network Satellite TV Only = $80.00
  • Frontier Prime Cable TV ONLY = $60.00
  • Frontier Internet & Home Phone ONLY = $50.00
  • Frontier Internet ONLY = $40.00

Charter | Spectrum | Time Warner | Bright House

  • Triple play – Cable TV, Internet & Home phone = $80.00
  • Cable TV Only = $40.00
  • Charter Internet & Home phone service = $30.00
  • Charter Internet Only = $20.00

Prices subject to change, so please call us to confirm your order.

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Time To Get Your Satellite Cable Internet Media

Just got your new huge flat screen with super sound system? So all you need now is the service, movies and the popcorn. When you sign up with us, we’ll get you hooked up right away.

Does surfing the Internet seem to get slower and slower? Since your time is valuable, let’s get you screaming Internet service. Basically it is faster than you can think!

Just starting out or your credit is “less than ideal?” When you order from us it’s no problem.

No contract, no deposit, no credit check. So we can get you approved right away!

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